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HomePlan and Homeplanclips has been servicing the Charlotte Area for nearly 20 years. With almost half a century of experience we are dedicated to making efficient and outstanding home improvements. Family owned and operated we take pride in our work and deliver a quality, hassle-free, remodeling experience.

kitchen remodel concord
kitchen remodel concord
bathroom remodel concord
bathroom remodel concord

     Before Porch and Windows                  After Porch and Windows

Phil and the guys at HomePlan are the best handymen I have ever used. Phil does what he says he will do when he says he will do it. He devotes himself full-time to your job until it is completed to his satisfaction. He's happy if you're happy. All quotes are detail-specific as to the work to be done. His pricing is fair, and his work is meticulous. As a bonus, he cleans up after himself every day so your home is never left a mess. I would not hesitate to recommend Phil and HomePlan for any job you need done in your home big or small. I have relied on HomePlan for almost three years and never have been disappointed.


C.Z.,  Harrisburg, NC

Homeplan was recommended to us by a close friend. They remodeled 2 bathrooms for our friend and did the same for us.  It was a very pleasent experience. They show up when they are scheduled, do what they say they will and problem solve well.  There are always surprises when an old home is being remodeled but Homeplan handled these expertly.  My husband and I regard them very highly.

Sarah, Charlotte, NC

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